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Collection: Lilii bibs

Bib with sleeves

This lovely bib is made of soft bamboo terry cloth. Specially with sleeves for the real messy kids! Just like the Lilli bib, this bib is extra long, so you can place it under the plate or bowl. The ends of the sleeves have elastic, so that they fit nicely around the wrists. Your child's clothes remain under the bib and food cannot fall into the sleeves. A bib with sleeves cannot be missing in every household. These bibs with sleeves ensure that you have to wash less and that less food falls on the floor.

Best bibs

Lilii Flora's bibs are clearly at the top. They meet all the requirements of a perfect bib. These best bibs ensure that your child can experiment with feeding in peace, because you don't have to worry about dirty clothes.

Paulien: "Gijs and Guus both eat according to the little ones method. It was always a party during the meal, but afterwards it was a lot of clearing the mess and changing and washing clothes. So something else had to be thought of. Hence this special bib that is extra long so that all the food that falls next to the plate is caught. This way nothing ends up on your lap."

Why are Lilii bibs the best bibs?

❤ The bibs with sleeves are extra long so that you can place them under the plate or bowl.

❤ Due to the long bib, the food no longer falls on your lap, but the bib catches everything.

❤ The food no longer falls on the floor. You fold the bib after eating so that everything is tidied up immediately.

❤ The bib with sleeves ensures that you have less laundry in the laundry basket because you no longer have to change your child's clothes every time after eating because they are stained from food.

Bib with sleeves made of bamboo terry cloth

The bibs with sleeves are made of bamboo terry cloth. Bamboo is extra soft and extra moisture absorbent. Bamboo terry cloth is antibacterial and dries quickly. All bibs with sleeves are made from certified fabrics. It fits very softly around your child, making it comfortable for your child to wear.

Why the bib with sleeves should not be missing in every household?

❤The bib with sleeves is perfect for children who love to eat extensively and experiment with food.

❤ The long bib with sleeve is extra long so that you can place it under the sign. This way, the food no longer falls on your lap, the bib with sleeve catches everything!

❤ The bib with sleeves is soft and therefore fits around your child like a nice sweater.

❤ You have fewer full laundry baskets thanks to the bib with sleeves, because you no longer have to change clothes after eating, because the long bib catches everything.

❤ Bamboo terry cloth is much softer than regular terry cloth and absorbs more moisture and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal!

❤ Bamboo is very suitable for people with skin allergies

Durable long bibs

The bibs from Lilii flora are very durable, because you do not have to purchase a new bib for every size. These long bibs can be worn from the first bites at 4/6 months up to approximately 3 years. Usually around this age, children can eat independently without messing around. The material of the long bibs is of high quality and has a conscious quality mark, namely the OEKO-TEX quality mark. This means that the fabric meets high environmental requirements and is free of chemicals.

The best bib for your baby and child

You don't have to look any further. You have found the best bib, from the first snacks until they are toddlers you don't need another bib anymore. This bib is perfect and ensures that your children's clothes stay nice and clean while eating. The bib is extra long, so you can place it under the plate or bowl, the bib catches everything that falls next to the plate. Most bibs are often too short, meaning that all the food falls on your lap and you still have to dress your child in different clothes.

Long bib

Paulien: "I was so done with it... After every meal I had to change my baby's clothes. I tried several bibs. We started with a regular bib from the baby store. The front remained clean, but the rest was not kept clean. through the bib. Then we tried the silicone bib with a collection tray. The silicone bib with a collection tray was just too short and too small. Everything didn't fall apart and his pants were still dirty from the food. I was tired of it, this has to be done. could it be done differently? Why are those bibs so short? We can of course change that. And so I started designing a long bib that really keeps my child's clothes clean and dry."

Waterproof bib

The Lilii bib is now also available in a waterproof bib. The front is made of the familiar bamboo terry cloth, which keeps the waterproof bib very soft. The back is made of a waterproof fabric, so that water or moisture cannot penetrate the bib and wet the clothes. The waterproof bibs are available in Mossgreen and Champagne .

Slab grandpa and grandma

Grandpas and grandmas also love these large bibs. They like the fact that the bib now catches everything and nothing falls on the ground. That's why this bib is perfect for grandparents. So this is a perfect gift for grandpa and grandma so that this bib keeps their floor clean!