Hello dear mothers,

Every mother wants the best for her child, I know that better than anyone.

For you (and also a little for myself) I went looking for a completely sustainable collection, so that you can give your child the best and together we ensure that we leave a beautiful world for the next generation.

Love, Paulien

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Shea butter and raspberry ointment

Shea butter and raspberry ointment organic Shea butter and raspberry seed oil... 

Large hydrophilic cloths with name XL

You are checking off your baby layette list and then come across... 

  • Durable

    Everything in the webshop has been selected for sustainability. From ribbons to labels and packaging materials

  • Protective

    It is very important to protect the soft skin of your child. Lilii Flora will help you with this!

  • Organic

    Lilii Flora uses organic and certified substances that are free of chemicals

Personalized especially for you!

At Lilii Flora you can personalize the nicest items with your child's name. The name is embroidered with luxurious thread and you can choose the font and color yourself. Are you going for the personalized birth suit, hat, bath cape, bathrobe, cuddly cloth or one of the other must-haves for your little one?

Personalized items

Bath ponchos with name

Bath ponchos Looking for a unique and practical gift for your child?...