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Collection: Relaxation cover nursing pillow

Pregnancy pillow

Turn your nursing pillow into a lovely baby nest in no time. You place your pregnancy pillow in a circle and fold this cover around it. This makes your nursing pillow multifunctional. Your child can lie wonderfully in this soft nest, it would feel as if your child was in your arms.

The best quality

The relax cover is made of certified fabric (OEKO-TEX) and free of chemicals. Your child is so small and you don't want her to come into contact with chemicals. The fabrics chosen for the relaxation covers are very soft and remain beautiful for a long time! These relaxation covers are handmade in the Netherlands and therefore a sustainable choice.

Relaxation cover for your nursing pillow

The relaxation cover is easy to get on the nursing pillow. The nursing pillow remains in good shape due to the special shape of the cover. When you place your child on the pillow, a cup is created in the pillow where your child is optimally supported. You can easily place the cushion on the couch, so that you can keep your child very close. The nursing pillow is an ideal place for your child to relax and play. You can place a baby gym above the pillow when they get a little older.

Space saving

During the baby period you need so many different products, which also take up a lot of space. A large baby box, stroller, baby nest, bouncer and much more. This relaxation cover makes a baby nest and bouncer unnecessary. This leaves you with more space, because almost every pregnant woman already has a nursing pillow in bed.

Play it safe

When your child gets older, you can turn the nest over and your little one can play in it and he/she can't just fall over and hit his head. Older children also love to use this as an ottoman where they can sit comfortably. The Lilii Flora relaxation cover allows you to use your nursing pillow for longer and you no longer have to purchase a baby nest separately. Only use the relaxation cover with parental supervision. The relax cover is not a substitute for a baby bed.