Collection: Large hydrophilic cloths with name XL

You are checking off your baby layette list and then come across the large hydrophilic cloth. You have probably already looked at 10 hydrophilic cloths, also called hydrophilic diapers. What do you need this large hydrophilic cloth for?

Swaddle with name

Several terms are used for hydrophilic cloths. The names tetra cloth, swaddle, muslin, swaddle cloth, wrap cloth can be used as terms for the hydrophilic cloths.

I can also use the swaddle as a sheet or as a blanket in the summer.

Paulien: "I often take this cloth with me when we are on the road. This way I always have my own play mat or changing cloth that takes up little space in the diaper bag."

Have you seen the hydrophilic cloth with name embroidered yet? A hydrophilic cloth with a name simply cannot be missing from your baby's list. How nice is it if you send a photo of your newborn child lying on the hydrophilic cloth with name!

Hydrophilic cloth with name embroidered

These cloths are perfect to use after bathing. You can dry your child thoroughly in this large wrap cloth. These cloths are very soft and become softer after washing. The hydrophilic cloth with name is also an original gift to give to a friend, sister or daughter.

You can use the large hydrophilic cloths to swaddle your baby. When swaddling, you want a large cloth that ensures that you can wrap your baby tightly.

"Super fine hydrophilic cloth! Use it especially after the bath, easy to dry and remains nice and soft! Highly recommended!" This is one of the reviews about the hydrophilic cloths.

100% certified cotton Hydrophilic cloth with name

The uni colors are made entirely of certified cotton and are available in sizes XL hydrophilic cloth 100cm x140cm or size M hydrophilic cloth 70cm x 70cm. You can order the large hydrophilic cloth and small hydrophilic cloth with an embroidered name. All hydrophilic cloths are of luxurious quality and certified fabrics. Organic cotton is extra soft and free from chemicals. This way we protect your child's vulnerable skin.

A multifunctional personalized hydrophilic cloth

In the past, these hydrophilic cloths were also called hydrophilic diapers. In the past, they were often used as washable diapers. Nowadays they have other solutions for this and you no longer have to fold these cloths to make a diaper. This hydrophilic cloth is multifunctional and can be used for many purposes. A personalized hydrophilic cloth is just great fun and can be used for everything.

What can you use the hydrophilic cloth with name for?

❤ As a blanket, sheet or fitted sheet to make your baby's bed

❤ Can be used as a changing mat

❤ Dry your child after bath time

❤ You can use it as a burp cloth or mouth cloth

❤ You can swaddle your baby with the large hydrophilic cloth with name

Hydrophilic cloths from Lilii flora

The hydrophilic cloth with name is from the exclusive Lilii Flora label. Made in our own studio and embroidered in a studio that Lilii flora collaborates with in the Netherlands! The hydrophilic cloth with name in uni colors are made of hydrophilic cotton. These are made from two layers of mesh fabric. This makes them extra suitable to use as a sheet or summer blanket. Hydrophilic cotton is used for the personalized hydrophilic cloth.

Hydrophilic cloth with name embroidered

The hydrophilic cloths are embroidered on the hydrophilic cloth with the most luxurious thread. Personalize the hydrophilic cloth with your child's name. You can view the colors of the yarn in the selection menu. You can choose between 6 colors of yarn. Natural white, Champagne, Chocolate brown, Old gold, Old pink, Army green, Navy blue, Black.

You can then choose between four different fonts. There is a choice between an elegant font, classic, handwritten and floral font. The position of the hydrophilic cloth is at the bottom in the middle, so that you can fold it double as a sheet to have the name as a cover in the crib. A hydrophilic cloth with name is a practical and personal maternity gift