Collection: Shawls

Cutest shawls

There's the moment you've been waiting nine months for. Your newborn baby will lie next to you and you will experience the golden hour together. You want to extend this golden hour with golden months! With these beautiful shawls you provide security and warmth for your baby.

Paulien: "With my first-born child I had many nice first sets and a boring bath cape. When I look back at the photos now, I only see that boring bath cape and not his nice clothes because at the beginning they were often under a blanket or in the shawl. I therefore wanted to design the most beautiful bath capes and ensure that other children could have the most beautiful shawls. The bath cape we had at the time was hard and stiff and not pleasant to use. I went looking for the most soft terry cloth available. After a long search I found the soft bamboo terry cloth and made beautiful products from it. The mouth wipes and bibs are made from the delicious bamboo terry cloth

Bath cape baby

After a nice bath, you want to care for your child's vulnerable skin as best as possible. The shawl plays a major role in this. It is important that the fabric is soft and absorbs moisture well. Bamboo terry cloth is perfect for this!

Wrapping blanket

This wrapping blanket is ideal for gently wrapping your child and providing security. Only the best substances are used to protect your child's skin! The fabrics are free from chemicals and are certified to offer the best quality.