Collection: Nursing cloths Luxury

The best nursing cloth

These nursing cloths are clearly at the top! They are luxurious and unique and ensure that you can feed your baby with confidence. The nursing cloths are a lot sturdier than the basic nursing cloth because they do not have 1 arc but 3. This allows you and your baby to see each other clearly and the cloth stays in place extra well.

Public feeding

These cloths are specially designed for women who prefer to nurse in privacy in public. Many women find it exciting to breastfeed in public. You literally have to expose yourself. You may feel extra insecure, especially at the beginning. Your child who wants to drink as quickly as possible and all those people around you can make you restless. With this nursing cloth you create peace and you can easily feed anywhere. The nursing cloth fits easily in your diaper bag and you can easily grab it if you want to feed your baby in public. The nursing cloth has a strap that you can put around your neck, so that the nursing cloth stays in place.

Contact with your child

The open arch allows you to see your child clearly and make good contact. The latch is very easy because you can see everything and you can help your baby well. This is often a problem when using a regular hydrophilic cloth that is placed over the shoulder. You cannot see what your baby is doing and you cannot help with the latch.

The luxury variant has three arches at the top, making it extra sturdy and allowing you to see your child extra well. The luxury cloths have a more luxurious fabric than the basic cloths. These breastfeeding cloths often have a special luxurious embroidery or finish.

Pumping at work with a breastfeeding cloth

This breastfeeding cloth is also ideal for pumping. A suitable pumping space is often difficult to find. Especially for pumping devices that still need to be powered.

Paulien: "With my eldest son, I was really dreading a day away without him. It meant that I had to pump somewhere and that I hoped to find a suitable pumping room. I ended up in the strangest places to get a bit of privacy. I tried to relax to let my let-down reflex work, but the idea that someone could come in made me nervous. The tension increased and I became less eager to go out because of pumping. With my youngest son I had this great breastfeeding cloth and I could easily pump anywhere. I could easily pump on the go, the milk yield was also much better because I was more relaxed. The open arch allowed me to see clearly how the pumping was going and it was easy to pump. I couldn't do without it anymore !