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Collection: Basic Nursing Cloths

Breastfeeding in public

Are you breastfeeding, but are you nervous about feeding in public? The most important thing is that you and your little one feel good and can feed in a relaxed manner. I have designed a nursing cloth especially for these mothers that will help you with this. This cloth provides security and relaxation.

The breastfeeding cloth is made of hydrophilic cotton and is very breathable. The fabrics are of high quality and free from chemicals.

Contact with your child

There is a sturdy arch at the top so that you can make good contact with your baby during feeding and your baby can latch properly to the breast. You can keep a close eye on your baby and see how it is going during feeding. Let go of your baby for a moment, then you can easily put your baby back on because you can see your baby clearly through the open arch. If you were to feed with a regular hydrophilic cloth over your shoulder, you would not be able to see your baby and it would be difficult for your baby to latch on. This nursing cloth makes feeding in public so much easier, relaxing and more fun!

The basic has 1 arch at the top, if you want an even sturdier arch and more luxurious fabric, take a look at the luxurious nursing cloths . This nursing cloth has an extra sturdy arc, because it has not 1 but 3 arcs at the top.