About Lilii Flora

Lilii Flora started from a passion for breastfeeding. Paulien is the designer and owner of Lilii Flora. She is a young mother of 2 sons Gijs and Guus. During her second pregnancy, she started preparing for her second breastfeeding adventure and started designing a nursing cloth. A nursing cloth that stayed in place perfectly and was easy to feed with.

With her eldest, she often felt a bit uncomfortable during feeding, which sometimes caused her to lose relaxation. After a longer period of designing and trying out, the perfect nursing cloth emerged. Paulien did not want to keep this idea to herself and she also started making these nursing cloths for friends. This later expanded into the company Lilii Flora to help several mothers during feeding moments.

Lilii Flora stands for sustainability and quality. Her products are made from high-quality fabrics. This takes into account soft fabrics that are good for your child's skin. Fabrics that are fair and good for the environment.
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