Collection: cuddle cloths

Pacifier cloths and cuddle cloths

If you are looking for a soft cuddle cloth for your child, you want to be sure that this cloth is soft and of the best quality. This cloth must be free of chemicals, because your child will hold this cloth close to him every time. That's why these cuddle cloths are made from 100% organic cotton!

Personalize the nicest pacifier cloths

These pacifier cloths are available in multiple colors and embroidered animals. You can also personalize this with your child's name. The pacifier cloths are great to combine with the Frigg pacifiers . The pacifier cloths look very similar to a pacifier cord. A pacifier clip often only has beads and harder parts. This cloth is very soft and breathable. These pacifier cloths are often also used for birth announcements.

Best maternity gift

Are you looking for an original maternity gift with name? This personal gift is very popular. It is possible to personalize the pacifier cloth with the child's name. Choose the colors and font. This way you put together the cuddle cloth especially for the child who will receive the pacifier cloth. New parents love maternity gifts with their child's name because they are very personal.

Cuddle cloth with name

Especially for your little one. A cuddle cloth with his or her own name. This cuddle cloth is not for sharing, but only for your child. Your child holds this cloth against his face or even puts the cloth in his mouth. That is why you want this cuddle cloth to be free of chemicals and that is why these named cuddle cloths are only made from the best organic hydrophilic cotton that is free of chemical agents and is therefore very soft!