Use nursing cloths

hydrophilic breastfeeding cloth

What do you use a nursing cloth for?

Do you want to or do you breastfeed, but are you afraid of having to feed in public? Then a breastfeeding cloth could be the right solution for you and your baby. A breastfeeding cloth ensures that you can feed your baby in a shielded manner. Some women prefer that everyone cannot watch their intimate moment with their child. A breastfeeding cloth can ensure that you can feed more relaxed, so that you do not have to stress about finding a suitable place to feed in public.

How do you use a nursing cloth?

You can easily take the nursing cloth with you in the diaper bag. A nursing scarf can be folded compactly so that it does not take up too much space in your bag. You take the nursing scarf out of the bag and take it out of the supplied linen bag. Place the nursing cloth on your lap or next to you within easy reach. You take your baby on your lap and hang the nursing cloth around your neck. You then place the cloth around your baby and through the open arch you can see your baby clearly and latch onto the breast correctly.

Nursing cloth with open bow

The open arch ensures that you can see your child clearly and that your child can also see you clearly. It provides contact, security and connection.

Paulien: "With my first child I found it exciting to go out. What if he wanted to drink? How should I do that and where is a suitable place to feed? A fun outing became an exciting outing and I I started to dread it. I wasn't that woman who could easily feed her child openly and that didn't matter. I took a large hydrophilic cloth with me and put it over my shoulder. I just couldn't see my baby anymore. and had no idea how to properly latch him to the breast. I felt stressed and I broke out in sweat. Unfortunately, relaxed feeding was not an option. He often pulled the large cloth loose, so that I was still open and exposed and did not feel comfortable. felt comfortable. This must really be possible differently? When I was pregnant with my second child, I took to the sewing machine and designed these new breastfeeding cloths! What a difference this was, feeding in public has never been a problem again !"

Lilii Flora likes to make it easy for mothers and has therefore set up this webshop with breastfeeding cloths. Every mother deserves to be able to feed her baby quietly in public, whether with or without a nursing cloth.

Pumping with a feeding apron

A feeding apron is also ideal for pumping. Do you travel a lot for work or is it difficult to find a suitable pumping spot at work? With the Lilii Flora nursing apron you always have a suitable pumping spot at hand. Take it with you in your bag so you can easily pump anywhere. You hang the nursing cloth around your neck and through the open arch you can place the breast cups of the pumping device correctly on your breasts. The open arch allows you to see how the pumping is going and you can see whether your let-down reflex is coming. By responding in time to your let-down reflex and switching your pumping device to the next phase, this increases your milk production.

Which breastfeeding cloth should I choose?

Lilii Flora has designed two different variants of breastfeeding cloths. A basic nursing cloth and a Luxury nursing cloth. Both breastfeeding cloths are made of breathable, organic or natural fabrics. These fabrics do not contain any chemicals and are very durable.

Nursing cloth Luxury

These nursing cloths are made from exclusive luxurious fabrics. Linen, cotton, hydrophilic or wool are often used for this nursing scarf. This nursing cloth has not 1 but 3 arches at the top. This makes it extra sturdy and allows you to see your child extra well. The upper arch has a flexible rib that keeps it open.

Basic breastfeeding cloth

This breastfeeding cloth has a flexible rib at the top so that it remains open. These nursing cloths are often made of hydrophilic cotton and are very airy and soft. Easy to use for occasional feeding in public.

How do you wash a nursing cloth?

Lilii Flora wants to make it easy for mothers and has therefore designed the nursing cloths in such a way that they can be easily washed. You can easily wash the nursing scarf in the washing machine. Wash this nursing scarf at a maximum of 30 degrees and at low speeds before spinning. Air dry the nursing cloth and iron it if necessary, but this is not absolutely necessary.

How do you fold a nursing cloth?

The Lilii Flora nursing cloth has a linen bag for the nursing cloth. It is important that the nursing cloth is stored correctly. If you fold the nursing cloth correctly, it will last longer! The whalebone in the nursing cloth must remain bent, so that the shape of the nursing cloth remains the most beautiful.

Luxury Nursing Cloth

Storage instructions

1. Fold the collar inwards so that it is flush with the curve of the cloth.

2. Fold the sides in so that both flaps lie over the open arc.

folding breastfeeding cloth

3. Take the curve and fold it completely towards the bottom of the cloth. Repeat this step until the large one is the size of the curve of the cloth.

4. Fold the cloth in half with the curve of the cloth on the outside. Then put the cloth in the matching bag, with the curve following the label.

Washing instructions

  • Wash at maximum 30°C
  • Not dryer resistant
  • Iron at medium temperature

Basic Nursing Cloth

Storage instructions

1. Fold the collar flush with the curve of the cloth.

2. Fold the sides in, aligning them with the starting points of the curve of the cloth. Then fold the bottom part inwards again as shown in the photo.

3. Fold the long section twice so that it falls into the curve of the cloth. Then place the cloth in the matching bag with the curve aligned with the label.

Washing instructions

  • Wash at maximum 30°C
  • Not dryer safe
  • Iron at medium temperature

Safe use of the nursing cloth

The nursing cloths are made of natural materials that are breathable. Only use the nursing cloth for what it is intended for.

Do not hang this over the stroller, so that the opening is closed. This can cause the temperature to rise. Keep a close eye on your child at all times and check your child's temperature during feeding.