Compare breastfeeding cloths

Which nursing cloth should you choose? Which one is the best and which one is most comfortable for you? I would explain it to you on this page.

Are you breastfeeding and don't know how to feed your baby in a relaxed manner in public because you find this quite exciting?

The basic breastfeeding cloth is made of hydrophilic cotton and has 1 open arc at the top of the cloth. This way you and your baby can keep in touch with each other during feeding time.

Do you really want to be able to feed in a completely relaxed way and do you like extra luxurious and sustainable fabrics and do you want to make that feeding moment even easier? Then the luxurious breastfeeding cloth is perfect for you!

The luxurious breastfeeding cloth has no fewer than 3 arches at the top, so that the arch remains extra sturdy and you can make extra good contact with your baby. The fabrics are exclusive and very durable. These last longer and are sturdier.