Oorsprong Naam Lilii flora!

Origin Name Lilii flora!

Where does the name Lilii flora come from?

When I give my company name, many people think my name is Lilii, but that is not the case now, my own name is Paulien. I'll tell you where the name Lilii Flora comes from.

I come from an entrepreneurial family and my father has his own tree nursery . From an early age I have heard different names for trees and shrubs. The nursery is a family business, so during the Saturday afternoon drinks there is a lot about the nursery and all the different plant and shrub names are mentioned.

The whole family was very involved when I started my own business. I just needed a name before I could really start. I was looking for a name that I immediately loved and that sounded good. All the Latin names of the most beautiful trees and shrubs were mentioned. My brother soon came up with the name of his favorite variety of magnolia Lilii Flora. I immediately fell in love, my first reaction was also: "Yes, that one!!"

The name was soon chosen and we created a beautiful corporate identity for Lilii Flora.

Lili Flora

The name is often searched for incorrectly, because this spelling is not common. Often www.liliflora.nl is typed instead of Lilii Flora with two i's.

In the photo below you see such a beautiful Lilii Flora magnolia, where this name comes from. And did you know that the flower in the Lilii flora logo is also a magnolia?

This photo was taken by my father Willem ten Hoven

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