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Start Lilii Flora

I remembered well what I also missed during the postpartum period and the time afterwards. I could never find the products I wanted for the boys!

The disappointment with the quality of the baby products was great. Could this really be different?

My children both have sensitive skin. Youngest even more than oldest. I only want the very best for my child! I wanted it, but couldn't find it.

Very carefully pat the children dry after washing because the hydrophilic cloths were so rough... I never wanted to do that again!

After some research into the best fabrics, I slowly started to exchange my care cloths for better cloths. Now I never want anything else!

Friends around me saw the hydrophilic cloths and nursing cloths and wanted to use them for their children too. It continued like this until someone said why don't you start a webshop, several mothers want this!

Should I start my own business? No, I'm certainly creative, but a businesswoman??

When my sister started her own business and I thought it was super brave and proud, I thought she can do it too, why not me? She was my role model and that's how I started Lilii Flora!

Grateful to have a sister who often takes the lead! Proud of her!🥰

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