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Have you tried it out yet? The latest best tested bib from Lilii Flora!

My oldest son followed the little ones method. A method where you let your child eat and experience as much as possible for himself. You offer the food in large pieces that they can easily hold. Very good for your little one's motor skills and this also makes it more fun at the table because you can all eat at the same time.

The only disadvantage of this method was that everything often fell on your lap and you had to change the clothes every time. This could not compete with the advantages of the little ones method, but I did look for several options because it was a bit cleaner and easier to clean. hold while eating.

When Guus was born and I started Lilii Flora, I started talking to a friend of mine who had the same problem during mealtime. All the "large" bibs we had tried were actually not big enough. There were simply no really large bibs and certainly no nice natural bibs.

Big Bib

This really could have been different. I started designing and trying it out and my girlfriend also tried out the bib. I soon received word that this bib was really great! It was Guus's turn next and the large bib was really fantastic! While Guus normally always got dirty clothes because everything fell next to his bib, his clothes were still clean after dinner! This bib is extra long so that you can place it under the plate or bowl. This way nothing can end up on your lap! The Large Lilii bib is made from the softest certified bamboo terry cloth and is available in beautiful natural colors. This Lilii bib is available with sleeves or without sleeves.

Paulien: "I just can't live without these bibs anymore! I don't even remember how I did this before I had the Lilii bib at home. I use the bib without sleeves for easy eating or when he is wearing a T-shirt and the bib with sleeves if he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt. This saves me a lot of washing and therefore I have more time for the children!"

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