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After nine months the time had finally come for the birth of my son. We had been thinking of names for a long time and looking at the best boys' names online. After a long discussion and arguing against each other's names, we finally came to an agreement! We came up with our child's name together. It felt good, I noticed that the name matched the baby that was in my belly.

We couldn't wait to announce our baby's name. After the birth of our first child, we called the family. They were already nervously waiting to see how things went and what the baby's name would be. I was induced at Gijs because my stomach was very calm and there was little amniotic fluid left. It was therefore no surprise to the family that they received a call with the news that our child had been born, but of course the name was not yet known.

We were finally allowed to share that our baby's name is Gijs. Soon the nicest birth cards arrived through the letterbox. I noticed that I especially liked the birth cards with the name Gijs the most. A personal birth announcement, especially for him with his name on it.

Soon several maternity gifts arrived and the personalized maternity gifts with name were a particular favourite. We were so proud of his name and wanted to show it everywhere. They were personalized products that were just for him. This did not have to meet a color or requirement so that it still had to be used for a possible brother or sister who would come. This was just special for him.

I noticed that the personalized gifts with names were the most fun to receive and give.

Hydrophilic cloth with name

Soon after starting Lilii Flora, I knew that I also wanted to focus on personalized products with your child's name. I went looking for the most beautiful fonts for the hydrophilic cloth with name . I had already gone on a long search looking for the most beautiful hydrophilic fabric of the best quality.

I started looking for the best way to embroider the canvases and found that a professional machine was needed to make it really nice and neat, so I ended up at Marleen's studio . She had also recently started her own business and focuses entirely on embroidery.

It also helped that Marleen lives close to my parents, because I still come here regularly. This made it a bit easier to bring personalized hydrophilic cloths back and forth. We looked at the possibilities together and came up with the best things.

Large hydrophilic cloth with embroidered name

The first hydrophilic cloth with a name came online and soon there were different colors to choose from. Every now and then I cycled past Marleen to pick up or drop off a canvas. The orders increased and the beautiful canvases became more popular. Many people came back because they were impressed by the soft fabrics. What I liked best was the people who had received this gift themselves as a maternity gift and had liked it so much that they also wanted to give this gift to others.

I had just delivered the new cloths from the orders and when I got home the other orders were already ready, so at least I keep moving!

I love seeing all the different beautiful names and writing the nicest messages on the cards with this personal maternity gift. When you receive this gift, you know that someone really took the trouble to carefully select a font and color combination.

My mission is to introduce as many people as possible to organic cotton. I myself have two children who reacted badly to chemicals in the fabric. I searched for a long time to find out where that eczema came from. After I changed the baby clothes to only baby clothes made of organic or certified cotton, the complaints changed and the eczema quickly decreased. The hydrophilic cloths with names in particular are often used to dry your child or as an underlay in the bed. You want to be sure that no chemicals are left in the fabric. That's why I only choose certified and organic cotton in my webshop!

The nicest maternity gifts

If you also want a maternity gift that you are sure you will love, take a look at our large hydrophilic cloths with a name and put them together. Choose your font and color combination!

The personalized pacifier cloths with name are also very popular as a maternity gift!

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