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The most beautiful birth suits

A birth suit especially for your child

The time has finally come, you can go shopping for your child for the first time. You already have the baby stock checklist at home and you want to make sure that you are fully prepared for when your little one arrives.

The baby layette checklist contains all items that are important to have at home when your little one arrives. Items for a possible home birth or items as aftercare for you and your baby. On your baby list you will immediately see that you need to purchase a lot of hydrophilic cloths . You use these cloths a lot during baby time because they can really be used for everything.

Paulien: "During the maternity week, my entire house was full of hydrophilic cloths. There was one within reach everywhere, because my little one could spit up some food and then I wanted to be able to clean everything quickly. In our case, the hydrophilic cloths were mainly used. used as a burp cloth and as an underlay in the pram or in the bed and of course while drying off after the bath.'

The best part of shopping for baby supplies together is looking for the perfect birth suit. Fantasizing about what your baby would look like in this birth suit makes it completely special.

The birth package with name

You are looking for a birth suit that is especially for your child. How can you make it even more personal? Lilii Flora has come up with a solution for this! You can completely personalize the birth packages with your child's name. This way you can immediately share your child's name with friends and family with the photo of the birth announcement. You put together this birth suit yourself and had it made especially for your child! The first birth suit is very special.

Playsuit with name

Do you opt for a cute baby romper with a name or would you rather have a matching baby hat embroidered with a name ? Your child's name is embroidered on the fabric with a professional embroidery machine with luxurious thread. It's up to you to personalize this. You can personalize the playsuit with name by choosing the font and the color of thread.

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